Do You Need Water Damage Restoration Services In Washington DC? Contact us right away! Water Damage Cleanup Is Not Something We Occasionally Do It’s ALL We do

We provide 24 hour emergency and non emergency residential and commercial water damage repair, cleanup and restoration services to residents in washington dc and all surrounding areas. No job is too big or small for us!


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Need Water Damage Restoration Services In Washington DC? Contact Us Anytime! Water Damage Cleanup Is Not Something We Occasionally Do It’s ALL We do

We provide 24 hour emergency and non emergency residential and commercial water damage repair, cleanup and restoration services to residents in Washington DC and all surrouding areas. No job is too big or small for us!


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Who Are we

If you or your business is in need of water damage restoration services, you need a professional company with the proper tools and experience to quickly remove the water and dry your carpet before mold starts to settle in. Tik Tok offers residential and commercial cleanup services to residents throughout the District of Columbia and all surrounding areas. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and available around the clock to serve you. Don’t wait until it’s too late to extract water from your home.”


Washington Water Damage Services

Have you ever been confronted by water damage in your commercial property or house? The best advice is to hire a professional water restoration company and not just a company, but a reputable company which has the technical know-how of the restoration process. Though you can DIY restoration, there is too much hassle, and you might not get rid of everything! Our company services are the best as they guarantee satisfaction and will leave no stone upturned. Water damage repair is a complicated task that requires various equipment and techniques to make sure the work is appropriately done to satisfaction. We evaluate the scale and size of your damage and take the necessary steps and re mediate any affected areas.

Water & Flood Damage Repair and Extraction

Handling the source of water is the first essential step we put into consideration on any water restoration. Our professional technicians have a variety of equipment at our disposal when we arrive at the scene. We use improved, portable and high threshold submergible water pumps to extract water accumulation in your property in a short time

Moisture Mapping

Our moisture mapping process involves obtaining an approximate map for the moisture values on your house using professional detection tools. Our adequately trained experts use methods like infrared to get accurate readings, take high-quality digital photos and also assess the damage extent done to your property and help prevent mold growth entirely

Professional Mold Inspection and Removal

In most cases, residue water leads to mold damage if unattended. Our mold removal experts use professional and special detergents that effectively sterilize the affected areas to reduce the chances of mold growth. Also, we use ventilation and deodorization as part of our process to remove any lingering odors, mold remediation or airborne contaminants depending on the damage.

Improved water drying methods

We apply professional water drying techniques depending on the severity of your house situation. Our evaporators (air movers) enhances all the drying by controlling humidity in the damaged region and promote air circulation. They are capable of removing any liquid from porous materials like wood, carpets, plaster, and drywall leaving the place new!


Dehumidification is removing moisture from the air by extracting water lingering from an area. After inspecting your property, we decide on which dehumidifiers to use either refrigerant or desiccant depending on the condition of the restoration task. Refrigerant dehumidifiers apply the principle of cooling the air surrounding making it lose its ability to retain water leading to condensation.


If you want to minimize and arrest any water damage done to your property, you need to hire our expert services at an instant. Here are some of the benefits you will reap if you work with us:  Quick response    Our rescue team works 24/7 throughout day and night. We believe that time is essential in offering water damage cleanup services because lost time will drastically increase losses and additional restoration expenses. When confronted by water damage, shut off the water supply that leads to flood emergency and then call at an instant. Call Us and we will be there in no time.


We have highly skilled and trained specialists capable of attending any water or storm damage issues. Our testimonials and referrals speak in volumes how experienced we are. Our many years of experience and expertise in the field allows us to immediately work on restoring your property in no time at an affordable cost.


In any rescue mission, our technicians use professional equipment like water restoration units, dehumidifiers, humidity and moisture gauges, and blowers to help remove water and completely restore your house in the fastest way possible. Don’t hassle yourself and call us to help you at any time. 

Accredited Company

Before offering services, we provide our certification to verify that we are a reputable company and insurance covered. Besides, we do more than restoring your home; we offer insurance specialists to help you with insurance claims in covering all the restoration expenses.

Satisfied Customers


We try as much as possible to satisfy our clients by assisting in any means possible.   In a nutshell, call for our restoration services at any time. If you call us soon the lesser the losses, you will incur! Contact or visit our website for more information about our services.

Great service and nice staff behaviour. I would recommend Tiktok Water Damage Pros to anyone. 

Janet Renolds

“The employees of Tiktok Water Damage Pros were very dedicated to making sure the help we needed.”

Sara Blankenship


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